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United Anglers of Casa Grande

April 10, 2020
Current Updates
Our United Anglers Class of 2020...

Working from home…

My name is Amber Almond and I am the student president of the UACG program for the 2019-
2020 school year. Hatchery students have begun caring for this year’s batch of eggs. For the past
few weeks, we have been closely monitoring the fish as they developed from eggs into alevin.
While caring for our eggs, the students have also been conducting creek surveys. We monitor the
creeks every seven to fourteen days to document the current health of the creeks in our local
watershed. Furthermore, since we have fish in the building, we are doing our best to give tours.
The student-run tours are a great way to learn about and experience our students’ hatchery. We
have been working hard to continue our program as well as maintaining the shelter-in-place

Thank you,
Amber Almond

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